The Best Tips For Self-taught Programming Study Guide

In an era that is as sophisticated as it is today, you can learn all things easily. For example, you can learn programming on your own. What exactly is programming? Programming is a process of making programs on a PC. Programs created can be in the form of applications, web, Android or iOS applications, and others. Before entering into the main review, we have significant data. For those of you who want to start learning programming, you can learn it at Dicoding Academy, you know. There are various fields, ranging from

Android, iOS, cloud, to the front end and back end of website developers. In each of these fields, there are also various levels, ranging from newcomers to experts. Great right? Please check and class notes. OK, back to the main topic. In this post, we will discuss various tips so that you can pursue programming on your own. Already curious right? Come on, follow thoroughly.

What is Programming?

As explained above, programming is the process of creating programs on a PC. Programs created can be in the form of applications, applications, web, and so on. Unlike writing a novel or story, creating a program requires a special language that can be understood by a PC. This language is spoken with a programming language.

Benefits of Learning Programming

In fact, there will be many advantages that you will get when you study programming. Because, every thing we learn, of course there will be results that we can feel for ourselves. What do you think? The following are various benefits when learning programming:

Think logically and systematically

When you have a problem, you usually think about a solution so that the problem can be resolved. An example is determining logical steps to resolve the case. Well, it’s the same as writing program code. You are required to write the code systematically. Therefore, when you learn programming, you can also practice your ability to do everything in a systematic and organized manner.

Learn to solve problems

Another goal of programming itself is to solve a problem. That way, you can dismantle various problems through applications. A simple example is the ojek base system which is rarely encountered. Usually problems will arise such as difficult to determine the price, position, to how to contact the driver. Well, all of these cases have been resolved since the existence of the online motorcycle taxi application. Great right?

Improve precision

When writing lines of code great precision is required. Because, if you write even one letter wrong it can cause problems that will affect the program, moreover the program will not run at all. Therefore, your accuracy will be honed over time.

Future prospects

Currently the IT field is experiencing significant development from year to year. When you have expertise in the IT field, indirectly the opportunity to get a job is also wide open. Wow, great huh?

Programming Languages You Can Learn

There are various programming languages that you can learn to create a program. The following are some programming language suggestions that are easy enough to learn on your own:


Hypertext Markup Language or HTML and Cascading Style Sheets which can be abbreviated as CSS. Both are not programming languages, but markup languages used to create web parks.

HTML is used to make the bottom view of web pages and to help browsers display data in the form of text or photos. While CSS is used to change the appearance of HTML, such as adding color, controlling position, and so on.


JavaScript is a scripting programming language used to make web appearances more interactive. To be a good web developer, you must understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Python is a high-level programming language and has been used by many industries to create applications. If you are interested in starting to learn programming, we recommend giving this programming language a try. Not only is it quite popular in use, the Python programming language can also be used for various projects such as websites, applications, artificial intelligence, or games.


Java itself is an object-oriented (OOP) high-level programming language. The Java programming language is quite popular with local and international application developers.

The Java programming language is compatible with various operating systems, so it can be used to develop PC programs to Android applications.


Kotlin is a modern programming language that is statically presented and runs on the Java Virtual Machine or JVM platform. The Kotlin programming language is quite in demand by developers. What’s more, if you want to be an Android developer, you can work on this programming language. Because, Google once said in Google I/O that Kotlin is the preferred language for Android application development or commonly known as Kotlin First.

Guide to Self-taught Learning Programming

There are many methods for learning programming. You can learn it by taking courses majoring in informatics methods, taking related courses, let alone studying it on your own. We will discuss what guidelines you can follow when you want to learn programming on your own. Here are the tips:

Subscribe to learning platforms

The initial guide for those of you who want to start learning programming on your own is to subscribe to a programming learning platform available on the internet. For example, you can subscribe to Dicoding Academy to pursue various kinds of programming education.

Look for programming modules on the internet

Not only do you subscribe to learning platforms on the internet, you can look for modules from other sources on the internet. There are tons of websites that provide explanations or tutorials on programming. That way, you can get a lot of programming knowledge.

Exploring study tutorials

Lastly, you can explore tutorials to learn programming, either online or offline. Learning tutorials can help you in pursuing programming. However, when you explore learning tutorials, the fees are usually more expensive than subscribing to a learning platform on a website.