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Particular Coding System Using Glm With

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The third contrast is coded .5 .5 -.5 -.5 to reflect that ranges 1 and 2 are compared to levels three and 4. While we’ve seen a wide variety of contrasts up to now, this doesn’t even begin to enumerate all the contrasts that are attainable. For instance, say that we wish to make the next 3 comparisons — 1) level 1 to level3, 2) level 2 to ranges 1 and 4, and three) levels 1 and a pair of to ranges three and 4. Let’s start by exhibiting how you are able to do this by way of glm with contrast coding. Below we see an example of regression coding, and you can see that the coding is just the mirror picture of the distinction coding. The second comparability compares teams 2 with three and four and is coded zero 2/three -1/three -1/three. The third comparability compares ranges 3 and four and is coded 0 0 1/2 -1/2.

systems analysis

Distinction Coding Using Regression

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